Annual Partnership Data Form

Are you using EarlyEdU Alliance professional development materials, courses, or multimedia resources? Please complete and submit the Annual Partnership Data Form that follows and a EarlyEdU staff member will contact you.

[contact-form-7 id="4092" title="Request for Data Form"]

In 6-12 months, an EarlyEdU Alliance staff member will be in touch to learn more about how you used our products. We are interested in learning about the impact on educators’ teaching practices as well as feedback on how to improve our professional development materials. This conversation will involve collecting annual information such as:

  • Number of education professionals accessing the resources
  • If continuing education credits are offered, the number of credits that were awarded
  • Website statistics such as the location of the resource, the number of visits to the resource, and time on page
  • Anecdotes or stories about the impact of the product

Finally, while we hope to learn as much as possible about how our products are used, permission to use our professional development material is not dependent on your team’s ability to have a comprehensive set of usage data.