What is Early Childhood Policy?

An emerging field centered on the creation and implementation of coordinated, effective, and equitable policies, practices, and infrastructure that support children birth-through-8-years-old.

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What is ECPIHE?

The Early Childhood Policy in Institutions of Higher Education (ECPIHE) initiative seeks to enhance the study of, and experiences related to, advancing early childhood policy in American institutions of higher education (IHEs). In so doing, it seeks to support the development of a new field of early childhood policy.

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What is the Early Childhood Policy Network?

The Early Childhood Policy Network is an on-line network for individuals interested in the design, analysis, and implementation of early childhood policies. An outgrowth of the ECPIHE initiative, the Network is designed to enhance the discussion and practice of early childhood policy (ECP), bringing together those interested in advancing their work in these areas. It provides information, policy resources, and activities that support the open flow of ideas related to implementing ECP diverse settings, including institutions of higher education, local, state, and federal governments, and public and private organizations domestically and internationally. The Network has several components: access portals, webinars, and policy resources. For those interested in more in-depth exchanges, Policy Connect creates a community of practice that focuses on advancing ECP.


What’s Happening in Early Childhood Policy in Higher Education?


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