Effective Online Teaching for Instructors

The EarlyEdU Effective Online Teaching course is a self-paced online course to prepare faculty for teaching online with EarlyEdU courses at their institutions. In addition to introducing faculty to the EarlyEdU model, it also provides an overview of best practices in online teaching.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Effectively work with common e-learning technologies
  • Discuss and use appropriate strategies for motivating adult learners in an online classroom
  • Understand an instructor’s role in an online learning environment
  • Describe and employ the EarlyEdU Intentional Teaching Framework
  • Provide effective feedback on learners’ videos
  • Explore ways of building an effective Community of Reflection and Practice (CORP)
  • Manage time and workload issues related to online course instruction

All modules contain information about additional resources, research, and suggestions for further study.

To learn more, contact info@earlyedualliance.org