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EarlyEdU Modules

These learning modules are highlights from the EarlyEdU Alliance’s higher education courses. Trainers and instructors can use these modules for professional development or higher education classes. The modules range from one-and-a-half to three hours long.

EarlyEdU Alliance Special Edition Webinar Series

Mindfulness: A Resilience Practice

April 21, 2020 from 2 pm PDT / 5 pm EDT, duration: 90 minutes
Join us for this special webinar where participants will learn mindfulness practices that can build teacher resilience. This applied and engaging learning module will encourage participants to take care of themselves by reducing stress and to optimize their effectiveness as early childhood educators. This captures the notion of teaching from the inside out—a phrase that highlights the importance of promoting core resilience skills among early childhood educators. Resilient educators are more capable of creating and maintaining nurturing, supportive, and effective learning environments while also prioritizing their own well-being. With the completion of this module, participants will have learned how to recognize the negative and positive impacts of stress, use mindfulness practices to help develop calm and centered states, and lead at least one mindfulness practice.
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Past Special Edition Webinar Series

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March 3/26/2020 Online Teaching Boot Camp Webinar: Join EarlyEdU’s Katie Emerson Hoss, Higher Education Outreach and Implementation Manager, and Katie Miller, Content Specialist, for a concise and informative how-to on implementing online courses and utilizing available resources. Learn the essentials for effective teaching in a virtual classroom and discover helpful materials and toolkits to make your online course constructive and enjoyable for you and your students. Whether you are an experienced online instructor or are new to the medium, this webinar has the resources and experts to help you build a successful learning experience. This webinar focuses on adult learning and training online.

EarlyEdU Alliance Highlight Webinar Series

Voices from the field! Spend 30 minutes a month learning from early childhood education professionals as they share insights, research, and resources designed to improve your practice. Register below for access to upcoming webinars or click on the links to watch previous episodes.

Utah and EarlyEdU: Partnerships Serving the Early Childhood Workforce

June 4, 2020 from 10 am PDT / 1 pm EDT, duration: 30 minutes
Join EarlyEdU’s Katie Emerson Hoss and Heather Thomas and KC Hutton from the Utah Department for Workforce Services, Office of Child Care, to learn how Utah has used EarlyEdU courses to build pathways for educators to obtain affordable and accessible degrees (“How Free Online College courses Are Changing the Game for Early Childhood Educators,” EdSurge 2019). To follow Utah’s progress with this project, you can revisit our Highlight Webinar from April 2018 where Utah shared Learning Lessons from Utah: Providing Coursework Through Professional Development Systems in Partnership with Institutes of Higher Education.
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Past Highlights Webinar Series

Month Date Link
May 5/7/2020 Using Interactive Media in Early Learning: Are you wondering what direction to give early childhood teachers on how to effectively engage young children with digital media? Are you a teacher and want to know how to best serve young children in a remote environment? These questions are more relevant than ever! Join EarlyEdU’s Katie Emerson Hoss, Higher Education Outreach and Implementation Manager, and Heather O’Leary, Early Childhood Education Content Specialist to explore some of the publicly available resources available to help navigate this new normal. The webinar will highlight top strategies and provide suggestions on adapting materials to fit your teaching or training context.
April 4/2/2020 Shift Happens: Making Assignments and Professional Development Explicit on Issues of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: Camille Catlett, Advanced Technical Assistance Specialist Emerita at the University of North Carolina's Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute, joins Katie Emerson-Hoss, Higher Education Outreach and Implementation Manager for EarlyEdU, for an information-packed 30 minutes. Shift Happens will help you understand new early childhood content priorities (Transforming the Workforce, Power to the Profession, and the revised Professional Standards and Competencies for Early Childhood Educators), discover tools to create and align assignments to national priorities, and highlight resources that support faculty and professional development providers.
March 3/5/2020 New Course! Supporting Children Who Are Dual Language Learners: Building the capacity of educators in the early childhood field to be able to respond to the unique needs of children who are dual language learners, birth to age five. The course is designed to enable educators to positively adapt their everyday interactions and environments, gain a deep understanding of language and literacy development, and understand strategies to support learning in any content area.
February 2/6/2020 Stackable Credits in Washington State: Understanding Stackable Credits and how Washington State built, aligned, and sequenced stackable certificates for the early learning professional development system.
January 1/9/2020 Head Start’s Coaching Companion (HS Coaching Companion): Discover the power of the HS Coaching Companion, a free video-sharing and coaching feedback tool for early care and education staff and providers. Hosts Katie Emerson-Hoss, Higher Education Outreach and Implementation Manager, and Leslie Janes, State Implementation Specialist with EarlyEdU describe how this tool helps coaching teams work together, even between visits or from a distance.
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December 12/5/2019 Deep Dive into EarlyEdU Infant Mental Health Course with Katie Emerson-Hoss, PhD, and Miriam Hirschstein, PhD, and Director of Evaluation, Barnard Center for Infant Mental Health and Development at the University of Washington.
November 11/7/2019 Transition to Kindergarten: Implementing Effective Transition Practices from Head Start to the Kindergarten Classroom
October 10/3/2019 Practice-Based Coaching, overview and highlights of this new online course
September 9/5/2019 Using Peer Learning Groups and Providing Effective Feedback
August NA No Webinar
July 7/11/2019 The New EarlyEdU Alliance Media Library
Discover Resources to Support Quality Teaching Practices. Join our library designers for an introduction to the new media library. The resources are vast, but the search is simple. Explore library features that will allow you to find free, relevant materials for your courses, presentations, and professional development.
June 6/6/2019 Custom Coaching Companion: A Customized Video Uploading and Annotation Tool to Increase and Enhance Coaching
May 5/2/2019 Higher Education Teaching Practices: Using video to support learning, connection, and community online
April 4/4/2019 Family Engagement
March 3/7/2019 Discover Circle Time Magazine Season 2: Positive March 3/7/2019 Behavior Support (PBS)
February 2/7/2019 Preschool Development Grant: Resources to Support Early Childhood Systems Work

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Faculty Finds is a fantastic source of information concerning the effective preparation of early childhood professionals, providing both content and professional resources. Faculty Finds is created by Camille Catlett, an Advanced Technical Assistance Specialist Emerita at the University of North Carolina's Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute. This newsletter is distributed six times annually and all resources are free.

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