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EarlyEdU Alliance®: New Memberships Available

Our members reflect a diverse community of higher education, government, tribal, nonprofit, and philanthropic stakeholders dedicated to strengthening the nation’s early care and education workforce. Email with questions about the membership process.

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Membership Benefit

Membership is free for any professional in the field of early learning affiliated with a nonprofit institution of higher education, community organization, or governmental agency.


Competency-based educator development teaching resources
Practical resources (e.g., tip sheets, rubrics, monthly newsletter) to support in-person and online teaching and learning using the pedagogical strategies of video analysis, formative feedback, and collaborative learning


Learning modules
For use in your courses and professional development activities

Getting Started with EarlyEdU
A brief self-paced online guide to understanding EarlyEdU basics and how to access available resources (Enrollment is automatic upon member registration and establishes your EarlyEdU Canvas credentials)

Professional Development

EarlyEdU Approach Course
A 2-4 hour self-paced course describing the foundations of the competency-based EarlyEdU approach and providing practice using the pedagogical strategies of video analysis, formative feedback, and collaborative learning (this short course is a prerequisite for ordering EarlyEdU courses)

EarlyEdU Teaching Online Course
A 2-4 hour self-paced course offering tools and skills to complement your use of the EarlyEdU online courses and the general practice of online teaching

Faculty Community of Practice

Professional community of faculty across the country meet online with 8 to 10 live meetings scheduled annually

Additional Benefits for Members Affiliated with an Institution of Higher Education

Additional Resources Available to Members

Faculty and Staff Training

Training in the EarlyEdU approach to competency-based educator development. Please contact to discuss customized training options and pricing.

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Stakeholder Packages

Stakeholder Packages for state agencies or other nonprofits serving the early childhood workforce. We offer customized training to support the system-wide implementation of competency-based educator development and technical assistance. This will include supporting partnerships with higher education and using EarlyEdU courses to build pathways into and through higher education for the early childhood workforce. Please contact for customized training pricing.

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