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Second Annual EarlyEdU Institute Held in Seattle

The EarlyEdU Alliance®, led by University of Washington faculty PI Gail Joseph and CO-PI Susan Sandall, hosted its second annual Institute in downtown Seattle on June 19-21. More than 120 early childhood faculty and representatives from state agencies across the country gathered to share ideas, hear from experts in the field, and plan for using Alliance resources to strengthen the early childhood workforce in their states.

Featured speakers included Amanda Bryans, Director of Research Analysis and Communication at the Office of Head Start; Lea Austin, Co-Director of the Center for the Study of Child Care Employment at UC Berkeley; and Sharon Ritchie, Principal Investigator of FirstSchool at UNC Chapel Hill. Alliance members and the EarlyEdU team presented sessions on; new EarlyEdU courses, media resources, state innovations in higher education, and the EarlyEdU Coaching Companion- our video sharing and coaching feedback app.

Alliance members can access Institute materials on the EarlyEdU members site.

We sincerely thank all the state-based teams and institutions of higher education that participated in the EarlyEdU Alliance® pilots.

2015-17 Alliance Pilot Members

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