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This month’s selection from the EarlyEdU Alliance® multimedia resources is a spotlight on Social and Emotional Learning. These resources are available to use in your teaching or professional development activities. Access to the complete library is available to EarlyEdU members only. Please consider joining the EarlyEdU Alliance®.

Reel to Reel: Exploring Culture and Emotions (Download)

Reel to Reel: Exploring Culture and Emotions (Download)

Reel to Reel: Exploring Culture and Emotions

This 10-minute video features Jeanne Tsai, PhD as she describes her studies on how culture influences the way preschool children learn to value emotional states. Interviews with educators and families highlight the importance of taking cultural differences into account when interpreting the meanings behind children’s behaviors.

Facilitating Children’s Friendships (Download)

Facilitating Children’s Friendships (Download)

Facilitating Children’s Friendships

Friendships established during the preschool years create valuable contexts to learn and practice skills essential to children's development across domains.In this 40-minute presentation Michaelene Ostrosky, PhD and Lori Meyer share evidence-based strategies for supporting young children's friendship development.

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EarlyEdU Alliance® Highlights Webinar Series

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Creating a Caring Community

This 4-minute video highlights the importance of a caring classroom community that fosters a sense of belonging for all children. The video includes examples of educators modeling and promoting positive social behaviors in early learning environments.

These learning modules are highlights of higher education courses from the EarlyEdU Alliance®. Trainers and instructors can use these four modules for professional development or higher education classes. The modules range from one-and-half to three hours long.

Module One

Emotional Literacy

Module Two

Building Skills in Two Languages

Module Three

Using Interactive Media in Early Learning

Module Four

Mindulness: A Resilience Practice

Module Five

Family Engagement

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Faculty Finds is a fantastic source of information concerning effective preparation of early childhood professionals, providing both content and professional resources. Faculty Finds is created by Camille Catlett, an Advanced Technical Assistance Specialist Emerita at the University of North Carolina's Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute. This newsletter is distributed six times, annually and all resources are free.

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