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This month's selection from the EarlyEdU Alliance® multimedia resources is a spotlight on early math. These resources are available to use in your teaching or professional development activities. Access to the complete library is available to EarlyEdU members only. Please consider joining the EarlyEdU Alliance.

Real to Reel: Early Math Collaborative (Download)

Real to Reel: Early Math Collaborative (Download)

Real to Reel: Early Math Collaborative

This 10-minute video describes the Early Math Collaborative, a professional development model to deepen educators’ knowledge of math concepts through participation in learning labs and individualized coaching.

Learning Math Through Play (Download)

Learning Math Through Play (Download)

Learning Math Through Play

Elham Kazemi, PhD, discusses the importance of teaching mathematics in early education and care. Dr. Kazemi shares how educators and families can help children learn mathematical concepts and skills during everyday activities and routines.

This 8-minute video is an excerpt from Circle Time Magazine Episode 4: Patterns, a broadcast produced by Cultivate Learning at the University of Washington. Learn more about Circle Time Magazine here.

Mathematizing Children’s Books (Download)

Mathematizing Children’s Books (Download)

Mathematizing Children’s Books

Antony Smith, PhD, and Allison Hintz, PhD, discuss a 3-step process for teaching mathematical concepts through shared storybook reading.

This 10-minute video is an excerpt from the National Center on Quality Teaching and Learning (NCQTL) Front Porch Series Broadcast Calls: Mathematizing Children’s Books: The Joy and Wonder of Mathematics in Favorite Stories.

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EarlyEdU Alliance® Highlights Webinar Series

Month Date Link
May 2018 5/3/2018 Register Now: Culturally Responsive Teaching: Faculty Resources, Reflections, and Redesign
April 2018 4/5/2018 Learning Lessons from Utah: Providing Coursework Through PD Systems in Partnership with IHEs
March 2018 3/1/2018 Explore the Multimedia Guidebook for Transforming the Early Education Workforce
February 2018 2/1/2018 Deep Dive: Child Observation and Assessment
November 2017 11/2/2017 EarlyEdU Highlights: Coaching Companion for State Professional Development Systems
October 2017 10/5/2017 Discover Coaching Companion
September 2017 9/3/2017 Course Overview
August 2017 8/3/2017 Membership, Modules, and More
May 2017 5/4/2017 It Takes a Village: A Team Approach to Supporting Online Students
April 2017 4/6/2017 CEELO’s Role in Supporting an Extraordinary Professional Workforce for Young Children
March 2017 3/2/2017 Explore the Active in Interactive Learning
February 2017 2/2/2017 Modules and More

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These learning modules are highlights of higher education courses from the EarlyEdU Alliance®. Trainers and instructors can use these four modules for professional development or higher education classes. The modules range from one-and-half to three hours long.