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This month’s selection from the EarlyEdU Alliance® multimedia resources is a spotlight on Language and Literacy. These resources are available to use in your teaching or professional development activities. Access to the complete library is available to EarlyEdU members only. Please consider joining the EarlyEdU Alliance.

Teaching New Words: Embedding Vocabulary Instruction in Storybooks (Download)

Teaching New Words: Embedding Vocabulary Instruction in Storybooks (Download)

Teaching New Words: Embedding Vocabulary Instruction in Storybooks

Elizabeth Spencer, PhD, and Howard Goldstein, PhD, share recommendations to guide practitioners in the selection of useful and teachable vocabulary targets in this 25-minute Front Porch series broadcast. Spencer and Goldstein offer a framework for the design of explicit instruction and suggestions for differentiating instruction for individual children.

Real to Reel: Everyday Talk (Download)

Real to Reel: Everyday Talk (Download)

Real to Reel: Everyday Talk

Effective evidence-based language facilitation strategies, which are easy to embed during everyday activities in the home and school, are described by Ann Kaiser, PhD, in this 13-minute video. The video includes examples of parents and teachers using the strategies with toddlers and preschoolers who have language delays.

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EarlyEdU Alliance® Highlights Webinar Series

Month Date Link
February 2/6/2020 Sign up now for February's webinar, Stackable Credits, with Katie Emerson-Hoss, Higher Education Outreach and Implementation Manager, and Juliet Taylor, Director of Strategy and Partnerships at Cultivate Learning. Learn how Washington State built, aligned, and sequenced stackable certificates for the early learning professional development system. The certificates are tied to the Quality Rating Improvement System (QRIS) and are available in all local colleges across the state that have an early childhood education degree program.
January 1/9/2020 Head Start’s Coaching Companion (HS Coaching Companion) with Katie Emerson-Hoss, Higher Education Outreach and Implementation Manager, and Leslie Janes, State Implementation Specialist with EarlyEdU. Discover the power of the HS Coaching Companion, a free video-sharing and coaching feedback tool for early care and education staff and providers. This tool helps coaching teams work together, even between visits or from a distance.
December 12/5/2019 Deep Dive into EarlyEdU Infant Mental Health Course with Katie Emerson-Hoss, PhD, and Miriam Hirschstein, PhD, and Director of Evaluation, Barnard Center for Infant Mental Health and Development at the University of Washington.
November 11/7/2019 Transition to Kindergarten: Implementing Effective Transition Practices from Head Start to the Kindergarten Classroom
October 10/3/2019 Practice-Based Coaching, overview and highlights of this new online course
September 9/5/2019 Using Peer Learning Groups and Providing Effective Feedback
August NA No Webinar
July 7/11/2019 The New EarlyEdU Alliance Media Library
Discover Resources to Support Quality Teaching Practices. Join our library designers for an introduction to the new media library. The resources are vast, but the search is simple. Explore library features that will allow you to find free, relevant materials for your courses, presentations, and professional development.
June 6/6/2019 Custom Coaching Companion: A Customized Video Uploading and Annotation Tool to Increase and Enhance Coaching
May 5/2/2019 Higher Education Teaching Practices: Using video to support learning, connection, and community online
April 4/4/2019 Family Engagement
March 3/7/2019 Discover Circle Time Magazine Season 2: Positive March 3/7/2019 Behavior Support (PBS)
February 2/7/2019 Preschool Development Grant: Resources to Support Early Childhood Systems Work

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Language Modeling and Conversations: Asking Questions 15-minute In- service Suite

This in-service suite describes strategies for using questions to extend conversations with children. Materials for instructors include a presentation, presenter notes, videos, and handouts with tips and learning activities.

These learning modules are highlights of higher education courses from the EarlyEdU Alliance®. Trainers and instructors can use these four modules for professional development or higher education classes. The modules range from one-and-half to three hours long.

Module One

Emotional Literacy

Module Two

Building Skills in Two Languages

Module Three

Using Interactive Media in Early Learning

Module Four

Mindulness: A Resilience Practice

Module Five

Family Engagement

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