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This month’s selection from the EarlyEdU Alliance® multimedia resources spotlights intentional teaching. These resources are available to use in your teaching or professional development activities. Access to the complete library is available to EarlyEdU members only. Please consider joining the Early EdU Alliance®.

Skilled Collaboration (Download)

Skilled Collaboration (Download)

Skilled Collaboration

Barbara Rogoff, PhD, discusses the influence of culture on learning and collaborating. In this excerpt, Rogoff describes a study that compared US Mexican heritage and US European heritage children on their approach to solving a common problem.

Being Culturally Responsive (Download)

Being Culturally Responsive (Download)

Being Culturally Responsive

What does it mean to be culturally responsive when working with children and families in early care and education? Dawn Williams and Virginia Tse encourage educators to be aware of their own biases and be open and responsive to other perspectives.

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This 15-minute in-service suite shares ways educators can make learning meaningful and relevant to young children from American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) backgrounds. Materials for instructors include a presentation, presenter notes, videos, and handouts with tips and learning activities.

These learning modules are highlights of higher education courses from the EarlyEdU Alliance®. Trainers and instructors can use these four modules for professional development or higher education classes. The modules range from one-and-half to three hours long.