Learn best practices for effective online teaching

This free, self-paced, online course will prepare you for teaching EarlyEdU classes online at your institution. It covers best practices for adult learning in an online environment, as well as techniques specifically applicable to EarlyEdU’s innovative approach. If you successfully complete the entire course, you will earn a Certificate of Completion from the University of Washington, Professional and Continuing Education.

If you will be teaching an EarlyEdU online course, you must take the three modules tailored to our content. But we encourage you to finish the whole course. You won’t learn how to develop your own online class, but you will learn how to use online teaching technology and how to work effectively with students in a virtual environment.

Our online course is designed to prepare faculty who participate in EarlyEdU. But at institutions that have joined our Alliance, any instructor can take this course, subject to class size limitations. It’s another benefit of belonging to our unique community.

What you will learn
Once you’ve finished the course, you will be able to:

  • Work with common e-learning technologies
  • Use strategies that motivate adult learners in an online classroom
  • Understand the instructor’s role in an online course
  • Communicate effectively with your students
  • Employ the Intentional Teaching Framework
  • Provide constructive video feedback
  • Explore ways of building a Community of Reflection and Practice
  • Manage the time demands and workload of teaching an online course

Plus, each module includes suggestions for additional resources that will deepen your understanding of online teaching.

Lesson Overview

Module 1: Introduction
  • What Are the Principles of Effective Online Instruction?
Module 2: Course Technology
  • Your Learning Management System
  • Coaching Companion
  • Helping Students Develop Digital Literacy
Module 3: Adult Learning Theory
  • Getting to Know Your Students
  • Motivating Adult Learners
  • Research and Share (Discussion)
Module 4: The Role of the Online Instructor
  • The Role of the Online Instructor
  • Assessing Your Own Teaching
Module 5: Online Course Communication
  • Setting the Tone with an Introductory Announcement
  • Discussion Forums
Module 6: EarlyEdU Framework and Practices (REQUIRED)
  • Know-See-Do-Reflect-Improve
  • NAEYC Standards
  • FERPA and Media Release Forms
Module 7: Assessment, Feedback, and Grading (REQUIRED)
  • Feedback and Communication
  • Providing Coach Quality Feedback on Student Videos
Module 8: Building Community in the Virtual Classroom (REQUIRED)
  • Managing CORP Groups
Module 9: Time Management Strategies for Online Instructors
  • Managing Your Time